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  Meet the Press  NBC  August 17, 2015 3:19am-3:30am EDT

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welcome back. few things donald trump said during the campaign has attracted more attention than negative comments about mexican immigrants. he's light on detail about how he would address illegal immigration. yesterday on his plane he handed me his immigration plan, about an eight-page plan. he wants to end the automatic right of citizenship for anyone born in the country. that's probably the biggest news in the plan. he plans to immediately rescind president obama's order to stop undocumented children. >> the executive order gets rescinded. one good -- >> you'll rescind that one, too? you'll rescind the dream act, daca? >> we have to make a whole new set of standards. and when people come in, they have to -- >> you'll split up families, deport children? >> no, we'll keep the families together. we have to keep the families together. >> but you're going to kick them out? >> they have to go. >> what if they have no place to
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go. >> we will work with them. we have to go. chuck, we either have a country or we don't have a country. >> how do you do it? >> the question of look at what we have right now? >> the question of doing it -- >> let me ask you this -- >> but how do you do it? >> do you think there's cost for illegals? >> of course there'sk$s1í;a/r?n >> tremendous. do you think there's tremendous crime being committed by illegals? >> there's definitely evidence it's happened. >> and you see it all over. just last night. all over. we will do it and we will expedite it so people can come back in. >> it's still not clear. >> chuck, chuck, it will work out so well. you'll be so happy. in four years you're going to be interviewing me and say, what a great job you've done, president trump. >> coming up, my lightning round with donald trump including whether he believes president obama is a u.s. citizen. and then there's this little nugget, i asked him why he felt it was necessary to constantly remind people that he attended the wharton school of finance.
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welcome back. as everyone knows, donald trump has a lot of opinions about a lot of things. i did sort of a lightning round on issues with him, starting with his role in the birther movement, questioning president obama's citizenship four years ago. let me go through some grab bags. what launched our relationship, shall we say, is -- was back four years ago. do you believe president obama is a citizen who was born in the united states? >> well, i don't like talking about it anymore because, honestly, i have my own feelings. i think he should have taken the $5 million. i don't know why he spent $4 million in legal fees to keep his records away. >> i'm talking about the birth certificates. >> maybe the hackers have his records. it will be very -- i mean, his college records. he spent $4 million in legal fees to make sure nobody -- >> you want him to release his. would you release all his? >> i'm proud of mooi my records. if he does it, i'll do it.
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>> president obama tried to put a ban on lobbyists working in the administration. would do you that? >> that's a pretty good idea. these guys get out and they almost meetly go to work for a company and they have power they shouldn't have. look, when jeb bush raises $114 million, i know those people that gave him the money. i used to be one of them. i gave to everybody. i know those people. he's like a puppet for those people. he's a puppet. those people will take negative ads on me and other people because they want him in there because they're going to control jeb bush. not only jeb, they're going to control hillary. she raised $16 million plus. they'll control whoever is in. the lobbyists and special interests and donors have -- >> so it will work in the trump administration, a ban? >> yeah. i would have a ban. you can't put a lifetime ban but you can certainly make it three, four years. >> what is a fair living wage? what's fair? >> i want to keep the minimum wage pretty much where it is right now because we have a country that is now competing more than ever before because of
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airplanes and transportation and internet -- >> we have to -- >> we can't compete with the rest of the world. i want to compete with the rest of the world. what i do want to do is bring in jobs so much so that people don't have to live on minimum wage, but we have to compete with the rest of world. >> facebook question. residents of the direct of columbia currently pay federal taxes but have a nonvoting delegate in the house of representatives. should that policy continue as is? should d.c. become a state? should it not have to pay taxes? should it be treated like puerto rico? >> i have a conflict of interest because i'm building at the old post office what i think will be one of the great hotels of the world. it will open unlike our government, under budget and ahead of schedule. like the wall will be under budget, ahead of schedule and nobody is getting through that wall, believe me. so i have a little conflict. i would like do-to-do whatever is right for the direct of columbia. it's funny. i've really gotten to know the
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people, the representatives, mayor there, they are special people and they're great. they have a great feeling. i would say whatever's best for them. i'm for. i have a total conflict of interest. >> your slogan, we'll hear it a lot today at the fair, we're going to make america great again. when was -- when was the last time america was great? >> i would say during the administration of ronald reagan you felt proud to be an american up. felt really proud. i don't think since then to any great extent people were proud. >> let me ask you this, i'm not trying to play a little gotcha here. in 1987 you took out a full-page ad during the reagan administration and you said this, for decades and japan and other nations have been taking advantage of the united states. on message. consistent. the world is laughing at america's politicians as we protect ships we don't own, carrying oil we don't need destined for allies who won't help. messagewise, very consistent. but -- >> from day one, including during the reagan --
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>> let's -- >> nafta -- >> let's not let our great country be laughed at anymore. if that was the last time america was great then, you didn't think america was great then. >> i thought america was excellent. i thought nafta was a huge mistake, a terrible mistake, but i think he set a tone that was an excellent tone for this country. i disagree with some of his -- >> looking back you seemed to like it, but at the time -- >> looking back i liked it more. >> this was a fiery guy. donald trump of 1987. >> it's the same guy. >> i'll give you consistency. >> if you could win as an independent, would you be more -- >> no i want to run. >> i get why you don't want to run as an independent because you probably wouldn't win. it's hard. >> look, somebody was asking me that question the other day times 50. >> i understand. >> i'm hearing it all the time. >> i know. >> i'm running as a republican. i'm leading by double digits for -- >> just say i'm going to stay as a republican. why is it so hard? >> because i'm not prepared to close that door yet but i wouldn't be surprised if some day in the not too distant future it happens. they're treating me very well.
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i just want to be treated fairly. i'm a person that believes in leverage. >> i was amused about this excerpt from yourplayboy" interview of 1990. the question asked what does all this mean, the yacht, bronze tower, casino, that what does it mean for you? you replied, props for the show. they said, what show is that? you replied, the show is trump and it has sold out performances everywhere. >> it has been for a long time. >> are we part of a show? >> no. >> you know some of the criticisms, we all feel like -- are we in a reality show? >> no, this isn't a reality -- this is the real deal. >> you did smile when i read the show quote because it resonated with you. >> look, my life has been an interesting life. i've had a lot of fun. i'm leading the polls. i go on your show, it's the high hess ratings in years. look at fox, look what happened to fox. i mean, it's a whole, crazy thing going on. and all i care about, and this
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is 100% truthful, i love this country and i want to make it great again. and it's not going to be great if we keep going the way we're going, we're going to be third world. we probably already are. you look at our airports, roads, bridges, schools, our school system. we spend more on individual students than anybody else. we're 25 in the world. we have to fix our country. we have to make our country great again. >> let me b